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Turi Ryder's "She Said What?" Podcast

Jan 27, 2023

What writers do when they’re supposed to be writing. A little too much volunteering. Ten dollar a dozen eggs, and the machine that will not cook them. Marci plans for a wedding. Dining near the Grand Canyon, or, Door Dash by donkey.

Jan 25, 2023

Who do you blame on a day you get nothing done?Marci may find a cow in her septic tank. Camouflaging the yellow snow. The rancher next door.

Jan 22, 2023

Marci's mountain is under two feet of snow.  Turi faces “that person on your community chat group who wants to make trouble”. You have one, right? “The Banshees of Inisherin”, or why you do not want a miniature donkey. Marci falls out of her chair—again, and she gets a strange solicitation.

Jan 17, 2023

Marci’s yard has unwanted bovine guests. Turi is collecting great customer service quotes. Spam phone calls and puppies—what they have in common.

Jan 13, 2023

There’s no time you dislike your houseguests more than when you clean up after they leave. No good deed goes unpunished—the time Turi’s guest left her with a disgusting reminder of his stay. Wax paper—yes, one can argue about it. We pick at our food, and on the restaurant on which the movie “The Menu” may...