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Turi Ryder's "She Said What?" Podcast

Apr 27, 2023

A series of household efforts, from studio repairs to underwear disposal, turns agains Marci and Turi. The lethal potential of mini-blinds and recycling bins.
Marci loses her pants (really.)
Turi loses HER pants (really.)
The damning video of Marci losing her pants--still to come.

Apr 21, 2023

Marci and Turi both have birthdays. Celebrations vary... dramatically.  And…what would we do if we were each suddenly spouseless? 

Apr 19, 2023

Chicago’s misbehaving youth bring Turi’s misbehaving youth to mind, as well as emails from everyone she knows who does not live in Chicago. Marci offers a fix.  Other fixes: roofs, bones, and missing floral bouquets. Contains rare use by Turi of rude language. She always has her...

Apr 16, 2023

Marci’s goat calls the cops. What ends up in the bottom of your purse. Avoiding your spouses romantic interests…tips and techniques. The cows are back. The food that broke...

Apr 11, 2023

The Red Hot Chili Peppers Road Trip, with Marci, three wheels, and $130 bucks. What not to eat in Vegas. The dangerous felafel of Detroit. When Turi will get into the car of a serial killer. Youth and the humorous home video.